Turbo English (Advanced Spoken English)


  • Life time speaking practice
  • Flexing Hours
  • Personal Teaching

Sheetalnath was the first institute in the city who brought the concept of life time speaking practice which gave student a relief of completing their course according to their convenience.

Flexible hour system in which student can visit anytime in a day and has the option of changing the time daily.

Every student enrols for English speaking classes belongs from different qualification - medium - post - capability - speed - grasping power so we guide every one individually.

Inquire for spoken





  • Beginner
  • Grammar
  • Gr. Revision
  • Vovab-1

The course starts with the very basic word construction which helps to construct the spellings.

Grammar helps you to construct and translate the sentence from vernacular language and which helps to clear the errors from the core.

Vocab covers the basic vocabulary which we speak in routine life.



  • Spoken to Smart
  • Vocab-2
  • P.S.
  • Stage Speaking
  • Story Telling
  • Role Play
  • G.D.
  • Debate
  • Audio - Video
  • Twisters - Jaw Exercise

After learning the grammar student will be skilled in basic routine life sentences. Smart English conversations and advance vocabulary.

P.S. will cover the basic speaking skills while talking to friends, relatives, colleagues, and the same will be mastered through Role play.

G.D. & Debate swathes the topics of all the streams of science-commerce-arts and even we target on all the burning issues.

Twisters & Jaw exercise makes the student fluent and the problem of fumbling is solved by practicing it again and again.


Personality Developoment

  • Body Language
  • Manners
  • Etiquette
  • Interview facing
  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Motivation
  • Debate
  • Grooming

Personality Developoment

Why Turbo English

  • Short Sentences
  • Tricky ways
  • Start Speaking without grammar
  • Start talking at 25 different places.
  • Basic Conversation
  • Basic Vocabulary
Other Life Time TeachingBatch System
Lengthy Course90 Hours
Speaking-Starts After GrammarSpeaking Starts Without Basic Knowledge
Tired & ExhaustedWeak Students Can't Cope Up

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